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Senior lighting designer with experience in lighting design

First: in preparation for the lighting design industry requirements, you need to be thick. The so-called thick foundation is to say that all subjects have to dabble, do not require very professional, but you need to understand. For example, psychology, economics, management and other integrated interdisciplinary subjects, not to mention the aesthetic. Therefore, we often consider the designer in the recruitment process designers have this quality.

Second: design is not a simple drawing renderings. The drawing effect is not called design, at best it is called a computer operator. The design needs active brain, strong team spirit, strong desire for knowledge and ability to work under pressure, as well as the spirit of hard work. Therefore, the design is an easy and enjoyable work, but at the same time is a battle of the nature of the work.

Third: to become a professional designer, can not stay in the drawing office, but often go out to watch: workshop worker production of lamps; the construction site to observe installation workers to install lights, even personally "try"; often participate in activities of the forum, a salon industry, and peer communication and understanding more industry trends. Only with the "going out" quality, personal ability can be improved.

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