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Classroom lighting sharing case

All floors from the north to the Nantong corridor are continuous linear fluorescent lighting. These lights also wash the walls of the classroom or laboratory population, can be used as a teacher or staff to show students work or publish notice.

The natural light provided the building with light. A photosensitive device is installed around the building,

In addition to non-human intervention, you can ensure that no lights during the day. There has been a heated discussion about whether or not to install dimmer in the vicinity of the building, and the final use of the dual control system.

Most of the energy consumed in laboratories and classrooms,

Occupy most of the east side of the space. Direct lighting is used here for many reasons,

Keep the building clean. In addition, a single row of lights in the classroom can play two roles, both for the work on the desk to provide lighting,

Can also illuminate the wall where the blackboard.

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