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Reasonable selection of light distribution

Lamp light distribution can be used to improve the efficiency of the light, in order to achieve maximum energy saving, the choice of light distribution should pay attention to the following aspects:

First, when the room space is smaller than the RCR value (room short and wide), such as the use of narrow distribution lamps, although the use of a higher coefficient, but the uniformity can not meet the needs, still need to use a wide range of light fixtures. When the RCR value is larger (the room is relatively narrow), if the use of a wide range of light distribution coefficient is very low, the loss of some of the Everbright in the air or fall on the wall, must be used to narrow the distribution of light lamps in order to improve utilization.

Second, according to the indoor space than RCR choose the light of the lamp according to table 9 - 6.

Selection of lamps

Room space than RCR

The maximum allowable distance ratio L/H selection of lamps

Light distribution types



Wide light distribution



The light distribution in



Narrow light distribution

Third, in addition to decorative lighting, lamps and all light fixtures 60o more perpendicular angle, the range of 90o should not be used, because this is part of the light glare light, the visual operation harmful, reduce visibility, negative energy.

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