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Development of lighting designers

20 before 70s, outdoor lighting design by electrical engineers, electrical equipment installation companies, manufacturers, lighting design retailers and energy suppliers to complete. Their designs are less likely to be designed for monumental lighting or spectacular "sound and color" effects, but primarily to consider lighting features, primarily safety and visual effects. The "artistry" of public lighting is reflected only by the appearance of the lighting or lighting. The engineer is responsible for the technical aspects of the design, and the latter is responsible for the design of the lamp.

Due to the promotion of resource crisis, the lighting industry in 1970s has made considerable technological progress. At the same time, the nightlife of the city has changed a lot. In January 1983, when the author created the lighting design company - Light Cibles, France has no professional lighting designer. Since then, the lighting design has become an independent industry, there needs to be a full-time professional designer to provide design services for the owners, and the electric power company, the lamp manufacturer or supplier does not exist between the commercial union. Professional lighting designers are able to master new technologies and create good visual effects. Today, lighting designers and architects shoulder the responsibility of creating an unprecedented visual effect. Together they put forward the concept of lighting design, how to implement and implement the concept of planning, and management and supervision of the entire implementation process. They must respect the objectives of the project manager and ensure that the results are consistent with the above objectives. Their remuneration is determined according to the size of the project.

The picture shows the effect of lighting design has been completed

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