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Operating system of electric power system

There are many types of electrical equipment, their use and the characteristics of the work are not the same, according to their work can be divided into three categories.

(1) the long-term work system of electric equipment of continuous work long time (at least in more than half an hour), more than Shenzhen lighting engineering the stable temperature rise time, such as all kinds of pumps, fans, compressors, mechanical transport equipment, lighting equipment, electric furnace.

(2) short work with such work of electrical equipment and the short time stop for a long time, the conductor has not reached the stable temperature rise of cooling in Shenzhen began, lighting design seems to stop time enough to power the temperature dropped to the temperature, such as machine tools on some auxiliary motor, motor for sluice etc..

(3) intermittent cycle operation of such electrical equipment working time is short, the rest time is short, intermittent way to work alternately, the cycle is generally not more than 10min. The most common equipment for electric welding machine and crane motor. The temporary load rate (also known as the load duration) is used to describe the nature of the work. The temporary load rate is the percentage of working time in a cycle.

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