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Load curve drawing technology

The following diagram shows the daily active load curve of a factory. It is based on the active power meter in the substation, using the method of measuring the most drawn.

Through the reading of the active power meter, the average value of the time is recorded, according to the data recorded in the Cartesian coordinates of point by point. There are two kinds of annual load curve in the factory, as shown in figure 2.2. The load curve representing the maximum daily load change in a year is called the maximum load time curve of the person, or the annual load curve of each drum, as shown in Figure 2.2 (a). It is drawn indirectly according to the load curve of the mouth, with the 12 months of the year as the abscissa.

Another factory said the annual load fluctuation and load curve relationship duration called annual power load duration curve, or the annual load duration curve, referred to as the annual load curve, as shown in Figure 2.2 (b) shows. The annual load curve are the factory for a year (876oh) as the abscissa, the size of load as ordinate, the load on the left side, with the decline in load right arrangement. And according to the annual load curve of each load duration draw ladder. From this kind of annual load curve, it can be seen that the duration of the different load value of an enterprise in a year, but can not see the corresponding load in a year which time period.

Drawing of daily active load curve

Annual load curve drawing

The two annual load curves have different purposes, the former is mainly used for the system operation, and the latter is mainly used for system analysis. Through the analysis of all kinds of load curve, we can grasp the law of load change more deeply, and get some useful information for design and operation.

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