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Open Pufeila Hotel: Mediterranean lighting design

Lighting design needs to be fully integrated into the existing environment. The design concept is through the LED uplights new 4W to highlight the classic in the foyer of the lintel, and ensure that the lamp touch is cold (which is the halogen lamp has not been able to solve the problem). The light source provides a cool, air - like feel, a supplement to the central crystal chandelier, and the use of LED to create a shimmering effect on the crystal. With the cold white hall, Chashe with its warm and soft light and the stunning Mediterranean style provides a warm welcome atmosphere for the guests. The game of different colors of light continues in concert halls and bars, bringing the most advanced technology to the traditional environment. The use of these new technologies makes the light source miniaturization and thus completely hidden, but also reduces energy consumption and heat.


Contact: mack

Phone: 13332979793


Add: 3rd Floor, Building A, Mingjinhai Second Industrial Zone, Shiyan Street, Baoan, Shenzhen,Guangdong,China

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