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Grand Hotel de France interpretation of different lighting design style

The Spa area is hidden in the basement of the new hotel, providing a dizzying new experience for the guests. From the hotel, through an underground corridor entrance, almost entirely by the 1W LED light uplights. These lamps cast some light on the wall while leaving some shadow areas. The main light in the Spa area is derived from two different types of LED hiding in a circular ceiling panel. These different light sources provide a bright and soft light, and more yellow light provides a warm feeling like a candle for the night. The size of the different types of circular ceiling embedded in the Spa rice, giving a bubble impression. The lighting in the therapeutic room needs to be flexible enough to achieve a variety of different emotional transitions, that is to say, the light can be both bright and vibrant, and it can also be a soft ambient light for a relaxing massage. Interior designers have also created a niche that illuminates the plants in two ways, providing both a deep feeling and a window.

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