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Office building lighting engineering analysis (three)

In the event Q2, the meeting space spans the entire two floors, including a number of small meeting rooms, a large conference hall with a maximum capacity of 1000 people. The third floor includes the guest room and the supervision room. The first floor is the cafeteria and cafeteria. In the dining room lighting scheme in high intensity grazing light carefully hit titanium color in the room wall cladding, cylindrical custom lamps above the table each equipped with frosted glass lampshade, the space of the restaurant.

A large suspension loop mounted on a table at a right angle to the front of the window, with a direct illumination and an indirect lighting assembly. The height of the partition wall and hanging on the ceiling of the silk curtain will be divided into a set of two tables, thereby enhancing the structural sense of the vertical space.

Office building lighting engineering analysis (three)

In the conference room, the use of an innovative, specifically designed for this project light-emitting LED ceiling. In addition to a diffuse space component, it also includes an optical system that can be used to produce direct, intense light on the conference table.

Effective use of energy is the headquarters of all lighting program features. Large scale use of modern LED technology, the use of natural light sensors and vehicle occupied track detector control lighting, and the use of natural light, which are a lot of energy saving. The main energy consumption of office buildings will be reduced by 20% compared with the law - - 30%.

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