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Analysis of office building lighting engineering (I)

In 2006, Thyssen Krupp group decided to build a new headquarters in the central area of Krupp zone. The building includes the main building Q1, Q2, Q5 and Q7, as well as a parking lot located around a central linear water area.

Analysis of office building lighting engineering (I)

The central axis of the Thyssen Krupp headquarters area is an area with a total length of 235m. On both sides of the water is the main access road, there are still across the road. In the external lighting design, lighting carefully chosen to avoid light reflection and scattering of light, lighting equipment securely mounted on the column, and the intensity distribution along two main roads are specially set, path through the guard column from the lower height of lighting. The transition mark of water surface and shore area is LED, along the contour of the pool, with a total length of about 1000m. So, at night can also show the geometric structure of the pool.


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