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No efficient metal radiator LED light key technology briefly

LED lighting has higher light efficiency, longer life; Mercury does not contain harmful substances; Life has nothing to do with the number of light switch almost, to advocate "the door"; Such outstanding advantages as can instantly up bright and will eventually replace incandescent bulbs and energy-saving lamps, become the mainstream of energy-saving lighting. In fact, only in the LED lights price comprehensive than incandescent lamp, especially more than the current widespread use of energy-saving lamps to become the mainstream of general lighting. 
And LED lighting project looks very clear, that is, on the premise of guarantee the quality of light need to significantly improve the light efficiency, such as above is twice as tall as energy-saving lamps; Need a sharp fall in price, the best close to energy-saving lamps; Make its cost performance is better than energy-saving lamps. 
The current LED general lighting mostly from power type LED with metal radiator and constant current drive circuit. Heavy metal radiator has not only increased the cost and weight of the lamp, want to consume a large amount of aluminum resources, at the same time, environmental protection. A LED lamp is just like a metal ball, go against safety, especially the high power LED lights. Therefore, many consumers to buy or choose energy-saving lamps at present. 
Will work on the company's research and development, the author introduced in this paper a kind of LED four PI specular light extraction efficiency, high efficiency, no metal radiator LED general lighting (can directly replace incandescent and fluorescent energy-saving lamp luminous flux of LED light) technology. 
The LED general lighting the lamp luminous efficiency is twice as tall as fluorescent energy-saving lamps above; Color rendering index can be as high as 96; Can be made luminous flux for decades to 1600 lm and higher luminous flux of LED general lighting, L70 life can reach 30000 hours. Can replace 10 ~ 100 w directly and more powerful incandescent and quite luminous flux fluorescent bulbs. 
A 4 PI out light, LED chips, improve the p-n junction light extraction efficiency and actual photosynthetic efficiency 
In the process of white LED light-emitting efficiency eta for: 
Eta = eta * eta C * I * eta O K 
Among them, the eta I: internal quantum efficiency; Eta O: external quantum efficiency; Eta C: photon conversion loss; K: luminous powder absorption. 
Some analysis, ideally [1], eta I = 0.95; Eta O = 0.5; Eta C = 0.875; K = 0.95, therefore, the highest ideal of eta = 39.5% of energy efficiency. Here eta O refers to the external quantum efficiency of photons are in the process of emergent chip, window materials, phosphor and lens along the reflected back to absorb or in different refractive index medium interface chip internal again with the results of absorption and so on, namely LED light extraction efficiency of components. If according to the warm white light 3500 k computing power equivalent to 320 lm/W, is the highest photosynthetic efficiency is 320 * 0.395 = 126 lm/W. This is clearly undervalued. But of this we can see improve LED luminous efficiency is an important and with huge potential factor is to improve the light extraction efficiency. 
LED light from the LED chip p-n junction, the light was 4 PI solid Angle uniform emergence of natural light in all directions, but at present, almost all of the LED components are two PI or less light. 
LED from the initial stage of the application of light to the digital display and the current color large screen display, LCD back lighting, etc., in these applications, the need to get the originally is 4 PI emergent light reflection bowl, and lens gathered to the front, the shift for two PI or less of the emergent light, including direct plug-in type, straw type, surface (SMD) and the COB, etc.; This transformation is need for these applications, is correct. 
However, such a transformation allows the chip back light gathered to the front of the launch, will significantly reduce the p-n junction extraction yield of light emission, which reduces the real effective photosynthetic efficiency of LED, that does not necessarily require two PI or less out of light, LED lighting, is not required. If that 4 PI LED chip light, and that will obviously increase the extraction yield of the LED p-n junction produces photons, which improve the LED the actual photosynthetic efficiency. 

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