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LED heat dissipation technology, improve the development of relevant industries

Global energy shortage, the regional development of alternative energy, or energy saving carbon reduction actively, to seek in the limited resources to maximize energy use, and the ministry of economic affairs through science and technology projects, effectively improve the LED heat dissipation efficiency, believed that can drive the related industrial upgrading, into the growth momentum. 
Ministry of economic affairs support research and development of zhongshan science research institute "aluminum nitride LED lighting technology", to effectively improve the LED heat dissipation efficiency, reduce the LED because of the bad effect caused by heat, related technology has transfer to sunko's material, and Taiwan semiconductor lighting, xin electro-optical technology, king Ming science and technology enterprises, to assist in the development of aluminum nitride LED lighting products. This technology transfer amount more than 12 million yuan, technical service department officials said that at present is in talks to manufacturers and more than 10, is expected after the success of the technology transfer, technology transfer amount is expected to more than 2000 2000 yuan, and continued to rise in the future. 
It is important to note that the use of aluminum nitride LED lighting technology, can improve the heat dissipation problem for a long time, still can reduce the light failure, and improves the life span of the LED, can add 6000 hours to 6000 hours, and the use scope is quite widespread, the technology can be used in the lamp, street lamp, fish lamp, courtyard light, front lamp, desk lamp, and other products, compared with the current mainstream of halogen lamps, xenon headlights, the technology has more advantages in efficiency, life, with luxury saloon car, electric cars has been using LED headlights as equipped with, believe the future will become the market trend. 

In LED lighting industry, the cooling technology in the world leading position, in addition to can drive the development of the high power LED lighting, under the LED lighting demand growth, believe also inject momentum for related industries, including downstream of the industrial chain, which is expected to benefit. 

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