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New LED radiator technology

Recently, by the division in a combined (Beijing) science and technology achievements evaluation center hosted a radiator of LED (light-emitting diode) technology exchange seminars and press conference held in Beijing. 
The release of the new type radiator LED patent technology, adopt a new philosophy of heat dissipation, the volume and weight of the LED lights than energy-saving lamps, fluorescent lamp) is small, light, but light power is not subject to any restrictions. At the same time, the project of power factor correction of two patents broke the related technologies by foreign monopoly situation, and reduce resistance of a switch tube and some matching capacitance. This not only simplifies the circuit, also avoid the switching power loss and the electromagnetic disturbance. 
Ministry of science and technology torch center researcher chih-ming ho gave full affirmation of the technique, and Suggestions to strengthen the university-industry cooperation, form a complete LED lighting products, as soon as possible and get the data support, in order to better complete the industrialization and marketing. 

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