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Four Steps of the building lighting

The building lighting engineering has become a part of the designs city-lighting, below explain how to do a good job in building lighting project
Night at 1, form a complete set of plans
According to the layout of the city master plan, night view lighting plan and the characteristics of cities and buildings conform to each other.Different styles of street building lighting project, and the characteristics of the area, in different circumstances and the structure of the lighting has a different feeling, therefore, different areas should have different requirements.
2, closely connected with the urban construction
A city lighting engineering and construction and planning, construction, etc.Building lighting project in municipal engineering, the key cultural relic and store the things such as facade renovation, to advance together.
3, combined with other lighting
Composed of different landscape of the city to include natural and man-made objects, building up areas containing both shape monster and micro, some focus on use function, some highlights adornment.From the previous heavy focus on function into applicable and aesthetics.Later to the expansion of the continuity, standardization and have a plan and progress degree of skill and art.
4, the urban planning
City night view lighting should be separated from urban plan closely, building lighting is a form of local urban plan.Building up areas according to the overall plan focus on response characteristics of a city landmark project, not only for lighting and lighting.And has the very high artistic, nailed, become the classic of the city.
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