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Measurement of illuminance of road in Kuala Lumpur

The illumination of large illumination is the usual method of the bed lighting, and the purpose is to show off and attract customers. The illuminance meter measurement results, surface illumination of 600 lux, if the height measurement level of sight illumination, as high as l, 000 - 1600 lux! By the dry adjacent background are relatively dark, so the booth at the brightness is more prominent. This reminds us of Tokyo's Akihabara electrical goods street, there is such a brightness. Of course, this is also the mouth of the business. This is the difference between Europe and Asia in the lighting concept: one is to beautify the environment, as a means of making money.

Compared with the shop Street, Golden Triangle has more high-rise buildings. We first climbed the 410 meter high tower of KL. In order to observe a strange city, the whole picture, you should go to the city to go to the drum, this will be a constant original shell.

From the KL tower, we see the white light of the metal halide lamp. Up to 450 meters high building -- World Drum Tower Luonasi pater Chinta Jie in the background of blue sky, the magnificent majestic seems to contain heavy energy, become a symbol of Malaysia and Kuala Lumpur.

The winding roads here, just look at the orange light, we know that street lighting is the use of high-pressure sodium lamp. The light in the distance, which is very bright, must be market street. After the man from Petro Nass benn Chinta street is an east-west, 4 Lane Route 5 kilometers. Across the street from Petro Nass Chinta, the National Bank of Malaysia, along with the main street, is equipped with high pressure sodium lamps.

Street lighting with a column of 15 meters high, with a distance of 35 meters on both sides of staggered. The lamp post is a simple, steel pipe with an angular cross-section.

At the intersection of the trail on the road of high pressure sodium lamp 250 Watt provides 100 - 160 lux illumination. This is a little higher than the number of days in Tokyo to send the amount of bridge road lighting, coupled with the lights around the building, looks very bright.

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