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Kuala Lumpur multi style landscape lighting

At the end of seventeenth Century, Stefan Briggs moved from Silaweixi island to Zhu River Basin. And the establishment of the Layaer Dynasty in early eighteenth Century. Since then, the ancient Longpo has been the capital of Malaysia.

After the middle of the nineteenth Century, with the development of the Chinese people have come here to develop tin, which gradually evolved from a ship into a considerable size of the city. During this period, the Malay Peninsula became a British colony, forming a multi-ethnic society, including Chinese and Indians, Kuala Lumpur has become a multi-cultural and religious intertwined with the city.

Now the KL tower and South Korea to build the Luonasi side by side in this pater Chinta, marking the Kuala Lumpur has become the rapid development, followed the trend of the world city. This is the reason why we will also be chosen as the site for lighting inspection.

In the city of Kuala Lumpur sino-k, still retains some historical buildings as a symbol of independence. There is a 92 hectares of green space in the central area of the old city on the west side, a garden residential area although the size is very small, but there are a lot of old houses, a Chinatown narrow alleys.

Here stands the world. Stay high building - Luonasi and the Malaysian pater Chinta check type KL tower. In recent years, the rapid development of the Yi chamlong slope and the emergence of a new "cotriangular center". And the heart of the same, are generally within 4 km radius of the city block planning and construction. The streets here are quite straight. We will examine the jade gold point in "Yu Er corner" and "Chinatown".

Chinatown moths to the number of cloth Tallinn street, the street is only 300 meters wide, but not more than 5 meters wide. The day looks very humble, but one night the situation changes.

In the "Golden Triangle" during the day often cold car on the road, but the night was showing a glance at the end of the shop group. I do not know where to come to fill the goods of the passenger and freight cars, after unloading the goods immediately became a piece of floating bed. During the day, the streets are very hot, and the sun will soon become cool and pleasant, and the people on the street will be getting more and more. Around a bright, around street lights will be like a day. Vendors selling t-shirts and watches everywhere make the streets of the night seem alive.

Careful observation you will find on both sides of the street with street lights and lights, but have been lost in makeshift shop in front of the pergola, so the public lighting does not play a role. When you get on the street hotel upstairs looking down, the lights emitted from the arbor merged into a river of light.

The shops on the street have fixed operators, and they use the power from the street on both sides of the business distributor. At first, it seemed to be disorganized, but the actual management was in order. The lighting is very simple: straight and spherical. This is not the kind of incandescent lamp that we see in the Japanese Festival, but a highly efficient fluorescent lamp. The height of the lamp is just as high as the line of sight, so it can shine the goods.

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