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Master layout techniques in stage lighting activities

The party is a long long art, film and television, the party distinct themes, rich in content and form of the novel, was welcomed by the majority of the audience. And stage lighting for the evening party activity is very big, the influence of light for the party atmosphere foil, ascending the stage has a very important role. 
Do well stage lighting, and lighting equipment is advanced, the lighting Angle of light, the composition of the rational use of light. The party is light cloth to be success, lies in whether to let the audience have the sense of reality. Stage lighting engineers using different lighting method to deal with all kinds of lights, location and brightness, can achieve the artistic effect, for the content and the characters add artistic charm and appeal. 
Stage lighting lighting generally need to deal with the following five: 
One, is clear, the purpose of lighting. , in accordance with the requirements of director for programs and need to adjust the light like a camera lens. 
Second, is the emphasis on the effect of light. To foil scene atmosphere, both in color and emotional appeal In line with the requirement of the content. 
Three, the rationality of the lamps and lanterns is setting out. The position, Angle, direction and brightness of lamps and lanterns should be conducive to reflect the image sense of reality. 
Fourth, is to grasp the lighting procedural. A big splash in principle light cloth first scene, after the main light. Little scene first the main light, after the adjustment of background light. 
Five, is try to record check the integrity of the light. To avoid or eliminate the shadow, shading scene, light overlap, the shadow area and human expansion effect to. 

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