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KTV stage lighting control techniques

KTV stage lights decorate a design for KTV integral atmosphere building plays an important role. To build harmonious perfect with stage lighting effect, it should control. Operation and control of stage lighting has its unique specification and skills, random control is easy to have the opposite effect. Here is to explain in detail the KTV stage lighting control techniques. 
1, in order to prevent the lamps and lanterns of tungsten wire break or fall off, when push the bulb light must not be violent shaking of lamps and lanterns! 
Our home after the light bulb, the tungsten filament will slowly become soft, temperature rise gradually. KTV stage lights, too, because of the influence of gravity, tungsten correspondingly prolapse, while big shake when lamps and lanterns, lighting should wait until completely cooled, can remove. 
2, avoid by all means will be back to the light shining light tone too focused. 
Too focused on can in a short period of time will be put on the light color paper color, lost color, what is more, the color paper roast burning out of a hole. If the lamps and lanterns is point-blank range and flammable items too close, not possible to the point. 
Tip: if you want to adjust the light beam, of lamps and lanterns of slightly better astigmatism, if is the intensity of illumination is insufficient, can supplement the lamps and lanterns. 
3, avoid by all means in connection to the load, resulting in unbalanced three-phase. 
As we all know, silicon light box input power, most is three phase four wire system. When load is connected to the silicon box on the lamp, if not through allocation, blindly to connect the light load, it may cause the three-phase unbalanced phenomenon. So, when the light is pushed on, you will feel the light difference between light and shade. 
4, avoid by all means is installed color changer and forget to defend the net cover, defend the net cover is to prevent the bulb explosion spatter cuts and burns. 
Like no 2 on the back light hang groove, on fence cover with a is installed inside, and outside color change for a block is installed, some PAR lamps and lanterns has fixed shield cover, it would be nice. 
5, avoid by all means to push a pusher that move light, under the condition of full power to open the silicon box. 
The result and the result is the same, the two might damage the light bulb. Should move light all the pusher closed, open the silicon case in power supply. 
6, remember to make hot light source of lamps and lanterns with flammable curtain distance is too "sex". 
Many years ago, a school of northeast China in the process of a show, because the light will cause the fire curtain light, killed or wounded hundreds of people. So, lighting and curtain to light is important to keep a certain distance between. 300 w the direction of direct distance with the curtain of lamps and lanterns shall not be less than 3 cm, lamps and lanterns, the distance between the tail and the curtain side shall not be less than 2 m, if the curtain oscillation amplitude is very big, it is possible to close to the lamps and lanterns, in the middle of the curtain lamps and lanterns and set up a best metal cars, to prevent the curtain on the lamps and lanterns and fire. Direct above 500 w lamps and lanterns, curtain distance outside the 5 m, the side, the distance of the tail and curtain outside the 3 m. 
7, avoid by all means when switch equipment, power supply in the order of the light controller and silicon box upside down. 
When you start the power supply, want to open the lamp controller of power supply first, then open the power of the silicon box; When power off, turning off the power of the silicon box first, after turning off the power of the light control table. If you reverse the sequence of operation, line will cause all the lights are flashing, it will affect the service life of the bulb. 
8, avoid by all means will be installed lighting power more than manufacturers of power. 
Every circuit carries on the silicon light box power in manual with detailed instructions. Generally each loop bearing power is 1 kw, 2 kw, 3 kw, 6 kw. Is 6 kw, for example, silicon in silicon controlled rectifier and solid state relay is a 60, calculate, carry power is 13. 2 kw, anyway have so much power space, in this time can be installed more than 6 kw lights on the road. The author thinks that, only consider the light bulb in the current produced by fusing the instant, such thinking is one-sided. Besides manufacturer not refer have so high power thyristor, there is something inside it. 
Stage lights, for example: a four-star hotel engineering personnel, found in the maintenance room lamps and lanterns, bedside light inside a 60 w incandescent bulb is burnt out, also found under the jurisdiction of the lamp of a 6 a insurance tube also fusing, as everybody knows, a 60 w incandescent light bulb in the working current of 0. 27 a, that is 60 w the tungsten filament at the instant of the fuse, produced more than 6 a current, ruled out insurance tube of error of plus or minus 1 a, that is to say, the light bubble fusing current it working current is five times as much. Silicon box manufacturers in the design of every loop current of thyristor just 2 of the actual load current. 2 times, it is too cheap, so the use of light after a period of time, will find that the more damage as light bulbs, silicon in silicon controlled rectifier were breakdown, lights don't normally on close or not move light phenomenon also up accordingly. 
9, avoid by all means replacing light bulbs, direct contact with the hand light bulb, it will affect the smoothness of light bulbs, and another recessive harm is the crush of the light bulb. 
The grease of the finger or fingers and bulb glass surface friction will leave "scar", thus affect the smoothness and transparency of the bulb so affected the normal illumination of the light bulb; If there is a sweat fingers, fingers and bulb "intimate contact", the salt in the sweat can absorb water molecules in the air, once there is water on the light bulb, rose sharply when the light bulb, it is easy to crush. 
Tip: when the replacement bulbs, must first put on the gloves, to contact with the light bulb. Without gloves, available packing light bulb of the sponge, soft plastic or paper towel, and then to install, after installation must remember wrap these things down, so as to avoid fire when push the light bulb. 
10, in stage light bulbs cold state, suddenly bright lights, the result may be the cause of the light bulb 1 of "pa" crush; Or cause osram fusing. Because: 
(1), because of the light bulb in the process of production, light bulb glass shell thickness are difficult to be uneven, thus cause the phenomenon of uneven heating. When suddenly push light bulbs, can cause the light bulb glass shell instant heating up, as if life into an empty glass filled with hot water with the same effect. 
(2), after using the light, the light bulb in the process of from hot to cold, can absorb water molecules in the air, the water molecules will stay on gathering on the glass shell of light bulbs. When you suddenly push light bulb, the water molecules on the glass shell, as if in the effect of water injection in boiling oil, light bulb crush is a natural thing. 
(3), a sudden bright light, will be the moment of impact current, so easy to osram fusing. 
Tip: when the light bulb in the cold state, to console the pusher only push up a little bit, make the lights dim, let it at preheating condition, make its heated evenly, and evaporate condensation of water molecules in the bulb of glass shell, preheat for a few minutes later, another brighter, preheating again after a few minutes, before pushing light fully bright. 
KTV stage lighting design does not need to pay attention to the process of specification and the skill, otherwise it will be easy to cause the lamps and lanterns, lamp, lamp control devices such as damage, stage lighting equipment and even lead to fire or even heavier 

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