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Each lamp is like a little elf, see the big and small, all kinds, all kinds of colorful lights, calm people can not help but excited. However, when the layout of the purchase of a small home, do not buy the wrong impulse on the occasion of the light, not only to buy their favorite, but also to buy with the room to match.

Tip one: pay attention to the lighting and the design style of the whole room.

The most common rule is modern with modern, traditional and traditional, simple and elegant. Of course, if you have enough confidence in their own aesthetic, but also might as well let go with the mix, perhaps there will be unexpected surprises. So, before you buy a lamp, you must first think about their bedroom layout, ask yourself what kind of overall style, so as not to regret.

Tip two: according to the type of lighting function to choose.

Commonly used household lamps are chandeliers, wall lamp, floor lamp, ceiling lamp, table lamp, etc.. Chandelier and ceiling hanging or hanging on the top, with the effectiveness of the overall lighting; wall lamp and floor lamp is generally used for local lighting, and the lamp is usually used when reading. The specific functions of these lights have been understood, and then according to the specific layout of the room needs to choose the brightness, buy lighting.


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