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Home lighting three layout

There are three main ways of home lighting layout: basic lighting, lighting, decorative lighting.

1, basic lighting

Basic lighting for the room to provide a uniform lighting, reduce the dark corner of the room. The commonly used lamps chandeliers, ceiling lamps, downlights. Choose to use the chandelier, besides the single head droplight, there are two bulls, chandeliers, select the appropriate combination of different space lamps, can appear bright, lively atmosphere, the lamp itself has become a part of space decoration; use ceiling lamps, lamp diameter room diagonal length 1/10~1/8, the proportion of suitable space lamps; chandeliers, ceiling lamps and lamp surface mounted on the top surface of the original building can be installed directly, embedded downlight should be installed in a ceiling area.

2, focus on lighting

Focus on lighting, focus on some areas and objects need to highlight the light, so that these areas are greater than other areas of light intensity, play a prominent or to meet the work of the role of lighting illumination. Commonly used lamps are embedded spotlights, track spotlights, wall lamp, table lamp, floor lamp, lamp belt, etc..

3, decorative lighting

Decorative lighting, interior decoration lighting, enhance the space and the level of change, to create a certain atmosphere of the environment. Light emitted by the lamp itself can also play a decorative effect, common lamps / light sources such as light, wall lamp, table lamp, etc..


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