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Lighting technology for building lighting design

When considering the distribution of light, any building is regarded as a group of simple geometry. After the line of sight is decided, the light can be arranged according to the principle of light and shade of the geometry in the sketch. As for some of the details need to be emphasized, special lighting can be set up to display, but do not conflict with the overall effect. Here are a few common building forms to introduce.

In the 1 column tower construction

In order to show the tower's circle, the surface of the tower must have a gradient of brightness, and there should be the brightest part of the high light and dark shadow. The tower is a cylinder, so the lighting should be applied to keep the tower vertical line, that is, the high light and deep shadow to form a vertical band, can not bend, the location of the lamp to consider the direction of the line of sight. Figure 5 a 25A is applied to a higher tower from a distance from the tower. Figure 5 a 25B is suitable for the squat tower, with three sets of lights close to light. If there are many prominent part of the tower, such as sunlight, bay, strip line, prefer in a distant light, to limit the effects of the shadow.

The beam width of floodlights, depending on the position of the illumination lamp installation angle of buildings. High strength and narrow beam for irradiation at a distance to narrow, high buildings, so as to limit the light scattering from the vicinity of. Such as: high and narrow building lighting, the upper part should be lighter, in order to obtain the balance of brightness sensation. However, in any case, the warm light illuminates the bottom of the building, and the cold light illuminates the upper part of the building, which can increase the height of the visual illusion, but this effect is limited to the close viewing.

2 - story tower building

In order to show the characteristics of the most common buildings, the two adjacent faces must not be of the same brightness. Therefore, the floodlight must not be symmetrical to any two adjacent faces. The brightness of each surface depends on the angle between the axis of the beam and the distance from the object. A rectangular or six sided, eight sided building, usually illuminated in two directions is sufficient, as shown in Figure 5, 26a, B, C.

3 cliff top

It is important for building roof body balance, night and pay special attention to the roof of the contour lines, it outlined the height of the building) if the lighting of the building facade is relatively recent, is usually not possible to ask the position in the lighting roof, only in the floodlight adjacent building or a set of roof poles the figure 5 shown in 27a. The color of the roof is generally deeper than the facade, so its brightness is low even in daylight. Therefore, in order to maintain this balance, the roof lighting than other parts of the strong.

5 - 26 of the multi tower cloth lamp

Tiger windows, chimneys and other components, both on the roof of the decorative part, but also the installation of hidden on the roof of the lamp, as shown in Figure 5, 27b. When the lighting fixtures are arranged at a distance of more than two times the height of the facade, the scattered light of the light beam is generally sufficient to display the roof, and it is not necessary for the roof to be provided with a floodlight, as shown in Figure 5 - 27c

4 balcony and Gallery

The balcony and gallery impact on the facade, the lamp is installed near the shadow range is larger, and the shadow of the general direction is upward. In order to avoid this drawback, can be installed on the balcony of the auxiliary lights, as shown in Figure 5 - 28, so that the shadow or reduce its contrast.

Cloth lamp Figure 5 - 27 dormer windows, chimney at


A available chiaroscuro technique it highlights. One method is to make each column separately lighting, which is out of the dark background. Another method is not as pillars and lighting behind the pillar space, this is the bright dark background. Contrast method. These two methods can be selected according to the surrounding environment, the object and the requirements of the effect.

6 window

In the face of the floodlights, the window and other holes form some unattractive black holes, the easiest way is not to turn off the indoor lights at night, let it shine, so that the facade is more lively and lively. In this case, we should pay attention to the color and intensity of indoor lighting, and can not see the light from the outside. The underside usually can be in each window installed inside lamp, light curtains or window.

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