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Lighting requirements and characteristics of hospital wards

Wards and corridors as the object (nurse room in the management room).

Ward Lighting used in the past a lot of ways. In the past, the design is mainly to facilitate the treatment of doctors and nurses, the most recent design is based on patients, on this basis to consider how not to interfere with the treatment of doctors and nurses.

Ward Lighting consists of general lighting, bedside lighting, night lighting, lighting, etc.. General lighting is the room lighting, lamps arranged on the roof of the more, in order not to make the patient feel dazzling, a light source, can directly see the lights illuminate the top surface of the lamp and a brightness difference small lighting etc.. An analysis of the angle of view of a patient who is not directly exposed to the light source.

Bedside lighting is for patients in the evening to be able to read books and other personal lighting, the use of mobile long pole or wall lamp. As long as the patient to move the long rod, it is necessary to consider the strength of the long rod. Night lighting is generally considered foot lighting. Medical treatment is to deal with the emergency ward lighting lighting, usually set in the top on xu. The design should note according to the different parts, position and angle of lighting to change. There are not only for general lighting and lighting the bedside lamp.

Indoor lighting to the general lighting of the indirect lighting, top lighting as a supplement. The bedside lamp is not removable long rod type. Bed ward example. The general lighting in the ward is mainly composed of indirect lighting. A long rod type movable bed, the furniture in the design, using mobile short rod type lamp. Corridor lighting needs special attention in ward lighting. Critically ill patients with movable bed or wheelchair goes on, indirect lighting should be used does not produce glare, lighting lamps do not set in the top middle Xu are arranged on the side wall on it. Also consider the night corridor light can not enter the ward, lamps should be located in the ward of the population and opposite. The example for ward corridor lamp. Lighting fixtures! On both sides of the corridor, there is no light. In order to make the lamp light not into the corridor ward, to consider the light distribution problem. Using linear lighting ward corridor example. There is no light in the center of the corridor, and the lighting fixture is equipped with a t between the population and the population of the ward.

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