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Lighting characteristics and requirements of operation room in hospital

Operation room is the area of surgery. Into the operation room, room (washing room, anesthesia room etc.) and room (patient recovery room), are required to clean the whole. Especially the drop area of operation room, put washing room are a lot of asepsis room, and to use the corresponding lighting lamps. In the operation room general lighting and shadowless lamp in the situation, to ensure that the general illumination at around 20000lx, and general lighting is usually around 1000lx. Recently, the use of electronic medical devices to increase the number of operations, attention should be paid to the noise interference of lighting fixtures. Operation room for difficult surgery, to choose the asepsis room and noise for the development of two aspects of the lamps.

The central should be set around the top lighting shadowless lamp, xu. Lamps to meet the requirements of the asepsis room, the operation room wall with a high degree of illumination with light fixtures. The operation room and the wall surface brightness as the shadowless lamp have a big difference, will cause eye fatigue.

ICU (intensive care unit) is the focus of the treatment of critically ill patients in the region, so to ensure absolute cleanliness, the current use of more suitable for asepsis room lamps. In addition, due to the degree of patient tolerance, indoor lighting should be able to control the lights switch and dimming.

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