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Lighting of the workshop clean room

Clean room is divided into two categories: industrial cleaning room and medical, hospital biological cleaning room. The former is to prevent dust from entering the products to ensure the quality of products for the purpose of requiring the removal of indoor particles floating clean space; the latter is to prevent pollution of fungus and bacteria to remove bacteria, bacteria, requirements of bacteria and planktonic microbial Bo indoor clean space. Cleanliness is specified by the size and quantity of planktonic particles as shown below.

The lighting in the clean room is provided with a special lighting lamp with the following characteristics:

Dust is not easy to deposit the surface without concave convex shape;

Does not have the shape of the airflow scattered;

Does not produce static material;

A detachable structure for sealing. Due to the biological clean room to be cleaned regularly, disinfection, so also for the lamp has a good waterproof, as shown in the following example of a clean room lighting.

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