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Lighting design of large dome

Shijing has said that the meaning of the word "curved top" contains the meaning of the holy meaning of the universe, said the large spherical surface, and now much of the large-span roof of the large space building known as the "roof". At present, Japan has a large opening from the professional baseball open to the local construction of their own small and medium-sized building a variety of roof. The use of sports, performances, concerts, etc..

Bent roof architecture first originated in the United States, by the end of 2002, Japan has a large open architecture to hold professional baseball open 6. Simple profiles are shown in the following table.

The first large-scale building was built in 1988 in Tokyo gymnasium. The structure of Tokyo stadium used membrane structure coated with transparent vinyl resin glass emblem four slave fiber cloth. Built in 1999, is the only stadium in the original Seibu stadium built directly on top of the curved case. The large span of 200m can be built, mainly rely on the progress of the construction technology and the development of new materials. The other part of the small and medium-sized building as shown in the following table.

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