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Lighting electrical and thermal design should pay attention to several special points

In the design of lamps and lanterns, there are a lot of problems in the aspects of electricity and heat. The traditional problems of electricity and heat have been mastered by the designer. In this paper, we focus on some new, general but not very important problems. As a lighting designer, must pay attention to the standard light source and magic 'control device standard requirements, to achieve mastery, in order to design lamps. Are described as follows:

1 fluorescent lamp with electronic ballast

(1) about IT otTT

When designing this kind of lamps and lanterns, we must pay attention to the U-OUT value of the electronic ballast, especially the long lamp tube and the high voltage of the lamp tube (such as TS 28w, 35W, TS, etc.). For the power supply part of the lamp, the creepage distance and the high voltage resistance are carried out by 25OV. However, the output of the electronic ballast, including the connection of the magic one or the connector, creepage distance and electrical gap and high voltage, must be a nominal U OUT. Otherwise it will not meet the requirements of 3C certification, especially when the U a OUT higher than the enemy should pay attention to.

(2) capacitive leakage

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