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Basic knowledge of ice lighting engineering

There are a large number of friends and individuals throughout the country to join the LED lighting a L - Cheng column, but the lack of information on the industry needs and experience, resulting in business can not be carried out. There is not enough information to communicate with customers, so that the nose hard to pay the East water; in order, I would like to introduce the relevant knowledge, how to carry out the relevant business. The corresponding LED products to understand; LED product variety, do lighting project to use the following products

1, digital tube, also known as LED guardrail tube, LED guardrail lamp, LED light; this product to be used for contour building installation, KTV door or advertising signs, and road and bridge guardrail lighting project; can achieve a colorful water, chase, scan and other effects; if a LED digital Guan Ping (LED digital signature) can be a variety of dazzling animation and flower type, can also play video and text pattern. LED

LED digital tube to classification: according to the effect can be divided into:

Monochromatic bright red, yellow, blue, green, white; a colorful is divided into: single color change of a gradual change; the six paragraph, really the eight paragraph, the 16 paragraph, the 16 paragraph, the 32 paragraph, etc.;

According to the control method:

Internal control and external control; internal control LED fence tube is the program directly into the IC chip LED guardrail tube, connected to the power directly out of flower type; external control in short requires external controller; control

It is divided into offline system and online system; Lian Xiang L system is refers to the attachment control system work on a computer (with a few LED digital tube screen); offline system is not attached to the J computer, after the electrical connection can input control signal to drive the LED guardrail tube. Rainbow tube, also known as the LED lamp belt, LED beautiful light; is one of the most commonly used products in the lighting project, and the price is relatively cheap, is a favorite of many customers LED lamps. Mainly suitable for low cost.

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