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Lighting design of China Central Academy of Fine Arts Library

On the basis of the space is further decomposed into the foyer, reading area, the shelves and the corridor, lighting and space of these partitions for targeted treatment, the lighting and space are combined to improve lighting efficiency. Hope can only see light design space, light and see common sense, to keep the space clean and clear lighting theme, at the same time in order to reduce the brightness of the reading area of the upper grille, select double stainless steel grating plate. In the design of the space, the designer has carried on the strict computation analysis, and carries on the adjustment to the component scale through the computation data. For example, the reading area above the keel of the grid unit size (730mm x 900mm) is not only the need of the other, according to the average illuminance formula, after the transformation of the design, the reading room has brightness distribution and brightness of the new sequence, the reading area of desktop illumination is uniform, in 1000lx, basically with the calculation results, the aisle ground illumination the average is about 380lx, the hall is 115lx, vertical shelves, the top is 330lx, the bottom is 103 lx. Two reading room light source all use 21W Philips T5 three color fluorescent tube, color temperature is 4000K, a total of 440 (including the bookshelf area of 216), the total power of 9240W, the unit power density of 9240W/ 760m2=12.2W/m2.

Even if the energy consumption of the unit, the unit power density will not exceed 15W/m2. After the transformation, people are the most discussed grille lighting, no glare, uniform illumination and high efficiency, both beautiful and meet the functional requirements, to the beginning of the design for the interior space in the aesthetic and functional requirements of all.

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