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Cooper Square: new advanced science and art building

Cooper Union (Cooper) motto is "for advanced science and art". Indeed, "advanced" is one of the themes of the new academic building designed by Morphosis. Responsible for the Horton LeesBrogden lighting design includes classrooms, laboratories, offices, conference rooms, lounges, can accommodate 250 people auditorium, art studios, hall, and Restroom upward spiral of atrium.

This building is a combination of a series of sculptures, which constitute the space for teachers and students at all levels. Lighting design is closely integrated with the architectural expression. The complex lighting installation and the building structure module are integrated into one another, such as the lamp installed in the building module, which provides illumination for the students' works of art and bulletin board on the wall. Regardless of the region, you can see the outside of the unified lighting installation. In the full sculpture public space dynamic, more casual but equally important to communicate this, so here the lighting design style into random nature, breaking the other lighting space is very regular.

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