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Lighting, part of the United States (lighting pen)

Can you measure art and design? If so, then the lighting design is no longer a natural talent, but a kind of professional people can learn. There are a number of facts that suggest that art, design, beauty and elegance can be judged and evaluated scientifically. It's not over yet. Neuroscientists have also told us that a picture in our mind is very similar to what we experience when we fall in love. In this sense, it is easy to understand a successful exhibition lighting, such as the recent Lorenzo in Rome

Lotto exhibition, not only touched, and caught, those who are lucky enough to visit the people's heart.

Of course, there have been numerous exhibitions, exhibition lighting is not new things, but recently held in Rome, the form of lively Lorenzo

Claudio Lotito painting exhibition comments and praise is hitherto unknown. Politicians, curators, and even Pope Benedikt sixteen, expressed their deep love for the lighting design of the works of Lorenzo Lotto. In fact, they are so impressive that they were considered to be no longer accepted by the people in the past, which were considered as the standard for the quality of the exhibition lighting and art works, including the wet fresco lighting. In Italy and Europe, works of art began to have new lighting. The light is so far not satisfied with the emotional alternatives? Maybe not, but there is absolute evidence that when the light comes back to the quality level, it will have a huge leap forward. The lighting designer is responsible for the exhibition, Francesco Claudio Lotito.

Anone (Iannone) and (Serena Tellini)

Now suddenly become an expert in the field of creative lighting. It took f years to learn about lighting and painting, to study the characteristics of different pigments, and to discover the importance of neuroscience. The quality of their work has become a true sign of lighting.

What can we learn from this story?

In the first place, good lighting design should be a part of aesthetics and should be paid more attention. Recent research results in the field of neuroscience and medicine (RGC) form the basis for a new basin of lighting design.

Secondly, we can finally claim that the use of U can be more meaningful than the quality and opportunity. The accuracy of L seven port lighting can be applied is shocking. Even the most respected lighting manufacturers will find it hard to understand what this leap is in essence.

Again, as Francesco Anone and Serena.

Tellini in G confirmed by Suline lighting design in the practice of interdisciplinary methods and neural disciplines open, no doubt so they have compared with other lighting designers more key competitive advantages, and the lighting design in advance to the next era.

Finally, designers who want to survive, and want to innovate in their work, must continue to learn and expand their creative skills. This study also includes the exchange of ideas with peers and learn from each other. Those who only know along the footsteps of predecessors who can never catch up with their footsteps.

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