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Basic requirements for office lighting

When owners, architects, interior designers are asked what kind of lighting the office needs, some of them may think that as long as the lights and put them on the light is enough. But they were not taken into account, which most people work for 8 hours or even more time in the office. In addition to work here every day, there will be communication and leisure behavior. We can think of, to all the lighting space of human activities, it is in the lighting condition of usage frequency and time is almost the highest, so office lighting is not bright enough to do simple things.

Lighting is an important part of the environment, which affects the efficiency of office and office staff. At the same time, office lighting electricity accounts for nearly 1 / 3 of the total electricity consumption of office buildings, so the use of efficient electrical lighting equipment, make full use of natural lighting can improve the lighting quality and greatly reduce the lighting power consumption. The modern form of office buildings and office have changed the way the 7 obvious compared with the past, the computer and the popularization of network has greatly changed the modern organizational structure of the company, the office, the layout and scale of office building also need to change. Office buildings are generally low level, so the use of embedded lamps, but also pay more attention to the lighting requirements of lighting with. The popularity of computer in the office of the use of paper medium so that the vertical direction of the computer screen to replace the horizontal direction as the main object of visual tasks (which makes the glare of the higher requirements, at the same time limit) between people of modern communication in the office is increasingly important, this kind of lighting and vertical plane as well as the human face the three-dimensional object is heavy.

Yes, and this is inconsistent with the glare restrictions. The labor intensity in the office more and more big, the working time is not limited to 8 hours, so the artificial lighting at night and during the day as cohesion, change and transition between the natural lighting of artificial lighting is also very important, will affect workers in the office in the comfortable feeling. Focus on office lighting has turned to how to meet the need of deep for lighting by indoor proper lighting distribution, glare control, flexible use of color, also make the indoor lighting environment more comfortable and more flexibility, adapt to people's physical rhythm change, rather than simply unlimited provided illumination value.

The current study generally believes that in the future, the content and form of the office will be a huge change, which will bring revolutionary changes in office lighting. Of course, in the present case, with the advent of new offices, we also need to have some of the tomb of the office of the classification and lighting requirements. It is generally accepted that the more reasonable office classification is to divide common office space into the following categories:

Single room;

Group office;

Compound office;

Open office space;

Supervisor's Office

CAD room;

Conference training space;

Open space.

Different types of space in the office of the behavior, characteristics and lighting of different. General office we evaluate and test indicators mainly on office lighting and illumination uniformity, luminance and color distribution, and color performance, comprehensive utilization further involves visual effect, direct glare and reflected glare limit brightness and eliminating, indoor surface distribution, vertical plane and the direction of human face illumination electrical distribution, light and natural light. At present, China's national standard which proposed two important indicator is the lighting power density (LPD) in addition to illumination and unified glare rating (UGR) a, of course, the emergence of new forms emerge in an endless stream of office lighting requirements also provide another important function is to reflect and shape the interior space characteristics.

According to these requirements, some basic classification methods are combined with the corresponding lighting, our private study, compared with the lighting technique in our country see left, including direct lighting, direct lighting, with side light with light and direct indirect lighting is compared to illumination technique is better balanced in all aspects requirements, we are also in the development of office lighting mainly recommended practices. Reasonable use of these lighting techniques, combined with the changes in different office space, you can achieve a better bear effect.

Author: Department of gloss and lighting engineering, Fudan University


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