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Light treatment techniques in family room

There is a close relationship between the color of the wall and the lighting effect. If the indoor walls are blue or green, it should not be used for fluorescent lamps, which should be selected with the sense of the sun the yellow tone light, so that you can give people a sense of warmth; if the wall is light yellow or beige, you can use the fluorescent lamp cold. Because yellow on the cold light source of the reflection line is the shortest, so do not stimulate people's eyes; if the room put a set of maroon or brown furniture, suitable for yellow light, can form a broad atmosphere. If the ceiling painted and elegant cool, and dark lights in the ceiling around, will make people feel a lot of indoor ceiling increase, with the whole week than the direct lighting lighting better sense of space. The ceiling will make the room become broad and profound, rich modern feeling, some people use special feature landscape color, light box embedded in the wall of the preparation room, will expand the horizons, if this painting mirror for dark interior wall, will make people think of the wall and opened a window exceptionally bright, pleasant scenery. Modern room settings, often in the corner of the wall lamp with milky white, pale yellow for decoration and adjust the lighting, the illumination range of the corner, becoming radiant, open up a fresh outlook.

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