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Light distribution

The light intensity distribution of light source in every direction of space. The intensity of each direction is represented by the length and direction of the arrow, and the surface of the arrow end is called the light distribution.

As is shown in the figure, the center of an imaginary sphere is coincident with the geometric center of the light source with a certain size, as the center of the light, and the vertical axis of the center of light is LON as the light axis. Assume that the vertical angle below the light source is 60, above the e of A. The horizontal and vertical intersection of the optical center and the light axis surface SMPQR, the angle between a standard vertical axis LSN with light and other vertical LMN formation is called a horizontal angle. In the vertical plane of the light distribution is called vertical light distribution, light intensity and vertical angle of 6 directions (I 6) said. Shenzhen lighting engineering vertical light distribution curve as shown in the example. The distribution of light on the horizontal plane is called horizontal light distribution.

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