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Calculation method of luminous flux: general formula of luminous flux

As shown in the figure below, with 0 as the center of the imaginary sphere radius of R, will be directly into the sphere of the total flux of light inside the method, that is, the full luminous flux calculation method. That is to say, if the flux for a particular direction, as long as the product of the intensity and direction of solid angle can be obtained. The direction of the light intensity, the imaginary direction on the surface of area of symmetric light distribution under the condition of the type (2.3) of the total luminous flux obtained by integral,. If the "6) cannot use the function representation, but changes smoothly, luminous flux is: light intensity hypothesis can be considered in young ball ball is constant, useful intermediate I (6) multiplied by the Zoin6" what 6 of the product with the ball coefficient method to calculate the sheng.

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