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LED lighting design need to pay attention to the technical details

Requirements of LED lamps for low voltage drive ic:

1 driver chip nominal input voltage range shall satisfy DC8-40V, to cover the needs of application, such as pressure can better than 45V; AC12V or 24V input simple bridge rectifier output voltage with voltage fluctuation, especially the output DC voltage of high voltage is high, such as IC driver with wide voltage range can not meet, often in the voltage rise will be breakdown, LED light source has therefore been burned.

2 driver chip nominal output current is more than 1.2-1.5A, the LED light source for lighting, LED 1W power source the nominal operating current is 350mA, the LED 3W power source the nominal operating current is 700mA, high power needs more current, so the selection of LED lighting driver IC must have enough current output the design of products need to drive the IC in full load output 70-90% the best working area. The use of full negative output current drive IC narrow space in the lamp poor heat dissipation, easy fatigue and early failure.

The output current required long constant 3 driver chip, LED light source can be stable luminescence brightness will not flicker; the same driver chip used in the same conditions, the size of the output current should be as consistent as possible, which is discrete is smaller, so in mass production of the automatic production line can be effective and orderly; for output current a discrete driver required in the factory or into the production line before stepping on the PCB board, adjust the current setting resistor (Rs) the resistance value of LED lamps to produce constant current drive in the brightness of the similar LED light source, maintain the consistency of the final product.

LED lighting design need to pay attention to the technical details

4 driver chip package should be conducive to the rapid cooling tube driver chip core, such as the tube core (Die) directly binds to copper, and there is a direct extension to the Pin package, can be directly welded heat quickly in the PCB board copper foil. Such as in a similar 4X4mm silicon core, to a long time through the 300-1000mA current, there will be power consumption, will inevitably heat, the chip itself is the most important physical heat dissipation structure.

5 driver chip itself anti EMI, noise and high capacity but also to the LED lighting products can pass CE, UL certification, so that the drive chip itself at the beginning of the design to the topological structure of excellent and high production technology.

6 drive chip power consumption is less than 0.5W, the switching frequency is greater than 120Hz, so as to avoid the power frequency interference and produce visible flicker. LED green lighting to drive the chip to the development of innovative design, LED lighting can not be separated from the driver chip, and therefore requires a variety of functions of the LED light source driver IC. LED lamps 36V AC power supply can be considered under the non isolated power supply, such as the use of 220V and 100V AC power supply should be considered isolated. Direct use of AC100-220V driver chip, due to the application of demanding volume, there is a higher technical requirements, greater difficulty, the country is working to develop. The mass market demand of LED lamps to all Integrated Circuit Design Company again the chance of success, rapid transformation, early products, win a lot of opportunities.

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