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Discussion: outdoor LED lighting design considerations

Outdoor LED lighting should be designed in line with China's latest outdoor lighting technology specifications, as well as urban road lighting design standards. Design should fully consider the impact of these factors.

Discussion: outdoor LED lighting design considerations

First, the working environment

LED outdoor lighting lamp because the working environment is bad, the wind and rain and sun and ultraviolet radiation, the sun, the diurnal temperature variation in the air, dust, gas and other effects of chemical conditions, lamp aging treatment by nature year after year.

Two, LED lamp material and heat dissipation mode selection

Shell and radiator design as a whole, used to solve the problem of heating LED lighting lamps, this way is better, the general use of aluminum or aluminum alloy, copper or copper alloy, as well as good thermal conductivity of other alloys. Heat pipe cooling air convection cooling, wind cooling and heat (a pipe cooling, jet cooling and radiating heat is similar but the structure is more complicated.)

Choose what kind of heat dissipation, the cost of lighting has a direct impact, should be taken into account, and the design of products to support the selection of the best program. The lampshade design material is also very important, currently using a transparent organic glass, PC material, the traditional lamp is transparent glass, what choose what kind of material with shade design products grade positioning, in general, outdoor lamp shade is the best glass products of traditional manufacturing, it is long life, the best the choice of high-grade lamps.

The use of transparent plastic, organic glass and other materials made of shade, indoor lighting lamp for outdoor is better, life is limited, because the outdoor sunlight, ultraviolet radiation, dust, chemical gas, the diurnal temperature variation and other factors make the lampshade aging life shortened, followed by the pollution is not easy to clean and clean, to reduce the influence of output light shade transparency.

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