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Japanese hotel lighting scheme (I)

The St Regis Hotel Osaka architectural and interior design ideas from the Azuchi Momoyama period (early Edo period) the concept of beautiful flowers. The form of Zen thought, "Wabi Sabi" or Japanese style of quiet beauty, and the light rays to complete the design concept. More appropriately, lighting design is based on the following keywords, "calm + shadow + hospitality". The amount of light is moderate, and each space is surrounded by soft light,

Well arranged lighting creates comfortable light and shade. Dimming system will also detect daylight changes in the sun, and the corresponding adjustment to show an eco-friendly environment.

Hotel San Regis

At the main entrance, a potted tree with crystal colored flowers is welcome. Mosaiccoating, vaulted ceiling and mesh around beautiful elements of Japanese style is integrated into the silver color. At the same time the use of blue LED, blue is the representative of the four seasons of the traditional Japanese color.


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