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Japanese hotel lighting (three)

The large red shade of the French restaurant wall bracket lamp, the soft lighting of the ceramic niche and the relief details highlight the interior of the restaurant. Restaurant lighting can be automatically changed according to the change of natural light. From dusk to night, lighting will gradually change. Italian restaurant in the French window, the day according to the intensity of sunlight illumination level by adjusting the brightness, concave chandelier light control system and the dark trough the brightness of the lamp on the table, the guests seat according to the visual requirements change. Luxury furniture, fabric, and artwork in the guest rooms are prepared for the relaxation of the guests, and the lighting design highlights these gorgeous items.

Japanese hotel lighting (three)

The 14 layer of the Spa space lighting intensity is very soft, brightness levels are set below the visual level, in order to provide a relaxed atmosphere. There is a very dramatic lighting effect from the reception to the therapeutic room.

The entrance to the 1 floor area is intended to show the necessary balance of lighting design, as well as the lighting method and the artistic wall of the crystal potted plants, which are used to welcome the guests.


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