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Japan lighting Tokyo Hayek commercial building design appreciation (three)

The lighting design and technical team is dedicated to understanding their experience in the use of artificial light to grow plants. The light environment of crop growth is different, the ideal living conditions of different species vary widely, and this project is far from planting crops. It is impossible to install a row of spotlights in front of the plant, and to install a lot of fluorescent lamps under the clapboard. Because the building facing the Ginza street is open, face green wall has become an important part of the street. Effect of how to make the most of this part of the beauty and not display function caused by the building, has become the focus of lighting design. After a few months of the experiment, the designer found in daytime 2000lx illumination, using 42 00K metal halide lamp light is the most ideal for the green wall. The entire space lighting is mainly provided by plants installed in the opposite wall of the two layers of the floor in the spotlight. Other lighting device also includes the installation of lights on the wall at the top of the wall under the spotlights and adjustable, provide indirect lighting and lighting device added for the shadow region, lighting designers in the field of all of these devices have been carefully debugging. Dynamic lighting plants wall and soft environment lighting exhibition hall side by side, is good to hear or see.

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