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Austria Laixi Aurelio hotel lighting design appreciation (four)

Spa space lighting are used in fiber optic devices. The bath area using LE D glass fiber decorative lighting, creating a dense spot. Warm white light spotlights wash the walls to provide a large area of ambient light. The steam room uses the high efficiency to adjust the light illumination way, the optical fiber irregular arrangement makes the spatial illumination more attractive. In the sauna area, where designers choose the same linear xenon lamp (2900K), installed in the back of wood meal, from the gap with soft light. It is important to note that xenon lamps here must be able to withstand a maximum temperature of 95 degrees celsius. Spa space lighting is also used in optical devices. The walls of the wall is located in the warm white spot. In the evening, only these spotlights and the optical fiber in the pool will open, so the overall illumination will appear darker. Other parts of the hotel are also equipped with a number of energy-saving lamps under the lights, in the hotel cleaning will be used when the.

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