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Improper choice of indoor lighting harmful to health

People always love home lighting placed a fluorescent lamp on the bedside table, not knowing this lamp seems warm, but with a splash screen shortcomings, and is used for a long time, its distillation gas will send a buzzing sound. In this environment, reading, playing computer games, visual operations, will cause harm to the human body. Such as vision, dizziness, insomnia, etc.. Over fitting over home decoration, but also said too luxurious decoration, whether in the home improvement materials on the material is too complex, giving a visual pressure, while in the use of light and lack of scientific. For example, the light source is too bright, do not pay attention to spectral distribution, so that the indoor environment is blue or red, the same light pollution. In this environment, it is easy to cause irritation to the eyes and cause irritability. Home Furnishing is a private space, the functional requirement of night lighting should not be like shopping malls, stores, etc. so brilliantly illuminated as bright as day, Home Furnishing need more moderate illumination. But often some people deliberately pursue bright decorative effect, extensive use of chandeliers, spotlights, lights and lamps, the bright light caused a great stimulus to the eye, if Home Furnishing decoration also uses lots of reflective materials, reflective light intense harm to human health is greater. Light and shade contrast is too strong indoor light should try to keep soft, uniform, no glare and shadow. Some people in order to create a special effect in some space, use the lamp with an opaque shade in the indoor, indoor LED brightness is clear, when people's attention by the light to dark areas, eyes to see the dark area objects need some time to adapt such repeated repolarization easily cause visual fatigue. Indoor brightness intensity is not in the home, the indoor space for the use of different functions on the intensity of illumination has different requirements. The ancient geomancy made a "dark hall bright room" principle, mean brightness, study, said that the living room restaurant space than the bedroom and kitchen space more strong, so lighting design accords with the law of the people's life. If all indoor space light intensity is the same, will bring inconvenience to the daily lives of the occupants. Ohio State University professor Randy Nelson also found that excessive exposure to light at night may lead to depression. According to British media reports, in the brightly lit City, people are more likely to be obese. The reason is a long time in the night in the light will change the metabolism, even appetite unchanged, will also increase the weight. Ignore the color industry analysis ignored light pollution since designers, sales are not credible, so people should reduce light pollution from what? Research for many years in the field of lighting a member of the Committee of the original Chinese indoor lighting lighting association Zhang Jian said, because China is still in the developing world, people just rich there is a general "the price of the more expensive things better," the concept of consumption, but this concept does not apply to the field of lamps. The following is lurking in the light of your side for the layman, the election of the lights they only focus on power and modeling, but often ignore the most important color temperature, color rendering index. Research on visual research results show that the human visual habits or sunlight, and the sunlight by the red orange yellow green blue purple, good light should also have these elements. Natural light color temperature is 6500K, but the light color temperature is not enough, the chromatogram should be comprehensive, so as to ensure the color rendering does not appear deviation. On the color rendering index, the sun is 100%, incandescent lamp is a fluorescent lamp can reach 90% - 95%, LED lamp is 70%-80%.

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