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Emergency lighting for fire protection code for tall buildings

The following 1 parts, high-rise buildings should be set for emergency lighting: staircase, smoke proof staircase front room, fire elevator room and the lobby and common antechamber and refuge floors (room). distribution room, fire control room, fire pump room, smoke room, fire power battery room, generator room, self-contained telephone exchange room and fire still need to keep working on the other room. hall, exhibition hall, multi-function hall, restaurant and business hall and other crowded places. public buildings within the evacuation corridors and residential buildings within the corridor length of more than 20m. 1.2.2 emergency lighting for evacuation, the ground minimum illumination shall not be less than 0.51x. The fire control room, fire pump room, smoke room, power distribution room and the computer telephone room and the fire still need other rooms to work of emergency lighting, should ensure the normal lighting illumination. 1.2.3 in addition to the two types of residential buildings, high-rise building lighting evacuation corridors and exits should be equipped with light evacuation signs. 1.2.4 emergency lighting should be located on the wall or ceiling. The safety exit sign shall be located at the top of the exit; the indication sign of the evacuation corridor shall be located on the wall of the evacuation passage and the corner below the ground 1.00m. The distance between the evacuation signs shall not be greater than 20m. 1.2.5 emergency lighting and lighting evacuation signs, should be equipped with glass or other non combustible material protective cover. 1.2.6 emergency lighting and evacuation signs, can be used as a backup battery power supply, and the continuous power supply time should not be less than 20min; height of more than 100m of high-rise building continuous power supply time shall not be less than 30min.

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