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How to produce glare in lighting engineering? How to control the impact of glare on the visual?

Direct glare is caused by the high brightness of the light source and the lamp, and the reflected glare is caused by the light reflected to the surface with high reflectance, especially the mirror reflection of the polished metal. Glare control glare control for indoor lighting and glare control for outdoor lighting.

There are two main measures to control indoor lighting direct glare:

One is to choose the appropriate transparent material

The utility model can be made into a lampshade made of a certain geometric shape and a non transparent material by adopting a diffusing material or a surface.

Two is to control the lighting angle

Be less than the prescribed shading angle. The above two measures can be used alone, can also be used in two ways, such as translucent grille lamps. In order to avoid the light reflection caused by the discomfort, reasonable arrangements for staff's position and the position of the light source, the reflected light at the staff should not make the light on the working surface of the eyes, face should be low gloss and diffuse reflection material. Can be used for large area and low brightness lamps, the use of matte finish ceiling, walls and ground. Glare control outdoor mainly for outdoor sports and outdoor area lighting, especially stadium lighting, for each location of the observer and each viewing direction in the glare lighting area of different degree, CIE has strict standards, should comply with the lighting design.

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