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Green light treatment

The light is directional and diffuse, the light irradiates the object in a different direction, the object will produce shadow, reflection and brightness of the different distribution in the direction of the light, the brightness of the light source diffusion and irradiated object performance will produce various subtle effect, resulting in two cases with human vision and not satisfied. Such as the shadow of the shadow of the adverse effects of the shadow and the benefit of the shadow, in order to prevent the negative shadow, the lamp can be made into a diffuse, and pay attention to the layout. In order to represent the stereoscopic perception of a solid object, it is possible to have the appropriate shade to improve its visibility. Therefore, the light must be illuminated in one direction, but not in several directions. When the bright part of the three-dimensional object with the darkest part of the brightness ratio of 2:1 or less, the formation of stiff feeling, the formation of the brightness ratio of 10:1, then the visual contrast is too strong, the best is the brightness ratio of 3:1.

Because of the different color temperature of the light source, different color temperature light environment gives people different warm and cold feeling, this kind of subjective performance related to the color stimulus of the light source is called the color table, and the color table of the light source is shown in table 2-5. Indoor lighting light source color table and the different lighting to match the feeling is very different, see table 2-6, the designer should pay attention to the construction of lighting atmosphere. In addition, the object and color problem in light color under irradiation in places that need to distinguish the color of objects, must be satisfied that the original color of the object, which can not make the object color distortion, distortion of color light source under the color of the object and the standard light source object conforms to the degree to judge the use of color index to measure, such as a light coloration index was 100, indicating no color distortion, if the color index is less than 100, indicating a color distortion.

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