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Home lighting: analysis of five regional lighting solutions

Do not look down on the lights in the space, these invisible touch design elements do affect the layout of your home. Warm or quiet, calm or live wave, romantic or warm, the same structural form, decorative style, different lights have created a different temperament. The form of the living room is greater than the function of the living room, the highest frequency of use in the area of the home space, but also the most able to reflect the center of the home temperament. The lighting is often more decorative than functional requirements. Therefore, we can choose their favorite lamps and lanterns, so that the appearance of the lamp has become a unique space decoration. Luxury crystal chandelier, simple ceiling lamp, as long as you meet the home decoration style, any kind of lighting can become the focus of the living room of the most eye-catching. It is worth noting that the living room is usually a public space, where relatively soft and uniform light environment. So, remember to light up the lamp, and use the top of the whole space for diffuse reflection lighting. Different from direct lighting, reflected light can always touch every corner of the space, not to allow the space has a clear dark corner. At the same time, according to the need to be appropriate in some corner of the layout so as to make up for lack of downlight, art lamp illumination embarrassment, and can make the light more evenly, increase the space of the visual sense of vision. Sometimes, the living room sofa may be used for reading, so the back of the sofa is essential. Can also be placed in the appropriate location of the wall modeling chic wall, so that the walls will not be too monotonous. - study function oriented study space function obvious tendency, generally better in elegant, peaceful atmosphere. Thus, in this function of the supremacy of the environment, the form of lamps must not become the protagonist of space, that is to say, the principle of the lighting layout of the study is to meet the lighting requirements prevail. It should be noted that not in the study of the installation of spotlights, because of its light stimulation, sudden, there may be caused by glare. Second, in order to meet the different needs of the use, in addition to the top of the installation of the overall lighting chandelier, but also need to install a local point of light in the local space. As the top of the shelf plate, sofa behind the desk lamp, floor lamp and desk lamp are arranged, so as to illuminate the entire space, and can make a point light source space the focus falls on the need to brighten up the place. As a result, there is no outside interference in the reading space because of the formation of light. - bedroom warmth diffuse almost everyone wants their bedroom can warm and elegant. So, in addition to changing the color of the wall, of course, we can make use of lighting to space a makeover. Try to diffuse the whole bedroom space. In the corner or the foot of the position of the design of some light tank, so that the light to the top surface or ground irradiation, and then through these parts of the reflected light to complete the space lighting. At the same time, the intensity of light does not have to be very high, the purpose is to allow uniform and weak diffuse reflection for the bedroom to create a quiet, comfortable, comfortable atmosphere. Of course, in the bedside table or sofa and other important positions can be properly arranged a little light source, to meet the needs of temporary local lighting. The combination of the whole and the part of the lighting method usually brings some dramatic pleasure to the space. You can choose some of the lower color temperature lamp, I believe that the warmth of the light color will make life more warmth. At the same time, remember not to install the chandelier above the bed, the original is not high storey so that it will be more cramped. The restaurant is spacious and bright as the leading restaurant lighting needs to be bright, but we should pay attention to avoid the choice of lighting color temperature is low, only partial cold light will make originally not spacious space is fresh and transparent. At the top of the table, you can choose some light and high light, and pay attention to the shade to be placed on the top of the table. If the restaurant has a bar or a small table can be folded, then they can be installed on top of a convenient and free telescopic chandelier. This can save space, but also allows the use of space more flexible. Toilet in the details of the bathroom to see the truth of the space is generally not very large, so to increase the sense of space should be the best choice of cold light. In addition, don't mean to use the lamp or lamp, the surface texture is placed above the ware lamp to maximize the performance of its smooth and glossy, but remember to install the corresponding anti fog cover in these lamps, avoid water vapor into damaged lamps. Secondly, it can be appropriate to consider in front of the mirror, toilet and shower head is installed above the lamp, lighting the way that. To avoid the impact of water vapor on the line of sight. Usually, the bathroom modelling of lamps and lanterns are easy to be ignored, if not careful, you may choose the lamp does not match with your home decoration style, or in order to pursue the lighting function, its appearance destroys the unity of space decoration. In fact, a little heart, the bathroom light will also become a bright spot in the finishing touch. Lighting, in addition to modeling, color, function of the fourth important design elements, has been more and more attention. Abandon all the cumbersome decoration, let the light to enlarge our feelings for the home, restore the pure space.

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