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Development stages and characteristics of urban lighting

The development of urban lighting in China, especially the development of urban landscape lighting, can be divided into four stages: incubation period, germination stage, growth stage and maturity stage. But because of the economic development is not balanced, each experienced the four stages of time are different, the track of its development, stage and scale completely and the status of social economic development is associated with different level of social and economic development will appear in the construction of different stages of development needs and characteristics. (1) the incubation period of the city is usually centered on the core area of the city or the street, and so on. The construction of landscape lighting in this period is characterized by the government behavior, which is the beginning and the beginning stage of urban landscape lighting construction. The incubation period of the city landscape lighting for city managers and citizens, the equivalent of city landscape lighting of the enlightenment education and understanding, because of its intuitive and obvious, naturally formed the city landscape lighting the development of the "fire" and power, then opened the city landscape lighting. During this period, the construction of urban landscape lighting is mainly distributed in the city center square, urban signs, etc.. Funding sources rely on government finance, so the number of city landscape lighting engineering of this stage is very little, but also is very thin in landscape lighting way, almost all contour lighting, and only open at major festivals. (2) the bud bud is the city lighting began development stage, a significant feature of this period is the number of landscape lighting construction has increased, mainly in the city "lights up" as the goal, to achieve the city from dark to bright, is the initial stage of development, the construction of city landscape lighting. Another feature of the embryonic stage of city landscape lighting is a certain number of spontaneous social construction projects, the quality of lighting is also in the process of continuous improvement, thus forming the rudiment of city landscape lighting pattern. The type of construction of city lighting extended to main street, Yingbin line period and important buildings etc., the number of lighting in other areas also increased, but is still in the process of change, and began to show enthusiasm for landscape lighting construction. During this period, the source of funding for lighting is still dominated by government finance or loans. The main form of expression is the use of contour lighting and floodlights. The main motive is to cooperate with major celebration activities to create a festive atmosphere. Is still in a low level in the level of development for the purpose of obtaining social benefits point. (3) the growth period, because of the important role of city lighting plays in the construction of city image and city landscape lighting of growing awareness and demand, the enthusiasm of the city lighting construction continue to rise, the amount of capital investment for construction of landscape lighting landscape lighting construction also increased significantly, from the simple pursuit of "light up" start the gradual transition to the pursuit of art, the city lighting entered the growth stage. In the growth stage of the city landscape lighting construction began to reach the climax stage, city lighting extended to most of the streets, squares, parks, scenic spots and other places (including surrounding buildings), landscape lighting construction projects such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain like this period of blossom everywhere, the landscape lighting construction situation can be "fiery" to describe. During this period the construction funding to the government, but the money is more diversified. It is clear that the government hopes to beautify the image of the city through urban lighting, stimulating the development of business and tourism, and developers and owners want to use landscape lighting means to achieve the purpose of marketing. Therefore this period of illumination means diversification, also a variety of forms, fiber optic lighting and light emitting diode (LED), ceramic metal halide lamp (CDM), digital electronic dimming and other advanced technology and equipment used in city lighting field, but still lack of effective control measures and deep understanding of light pollution and energy saving square face. In addition, the construction of the city street lamp began to enter the field of large-scale power supply cable, the concrete lamp pole was replaced by the steel pole, and the advanced communication technology was adopted to control the management. (4) the maturity period of the city landscape lighting construction in terms of the amount has reached a considerable scale, due to the rapid development of the growth period, will inevitably lead to problems such as light pollution, energy consumption is too large, the problem of higher grade of culture. Through constant reflection and experience for the construction of these problems continue to accumulate, city lighting engineering technology and management level to enhance the city landscape lighting construction gradually return to rational trend, which marks the city landscape lighting construction has entered a new stage of sustainable development. In addition to further improve the city's economic level, landscape lighting is no longer simply the pursuit of scale and brightness, but began to pursue the energy conservation and the organic integration of technology and art lighting, landscape lighting construction and has entered into the stage of the pursuit from quantity to quality, began to enter the scientific and healthy development road. The city landscape lighting construction considering the structure of the whole city, the full range of compensation and began lighting renovation construction scope and gleaning, obviously increased in number, the number of landscape lighting of the carriers were increased significantly, the construction funding to further diversify. Began the pursuit of quality in the basic lighting landscape lighting quantity to a certain extent, to solve the problem from the good, to achieve illumination from light to beautiful goal, make the city landscape lighting can not only provide a good urban environment, to the people in the bright and gorgeous sensory stimuli at the same time, not only to the pursuit of social benefits, and pay more attention to the economic benefits of various additional benefits, as well as the city landscape lighting art sublimation and quality. Due to the rapid development of lighting technology, the continuous improvement of the light source and the form of lamps and lanterns, the form and technique of expression of lighting are more and more diverse. During this period, the proportion of LED, such as energy saving and new green light source, has increased significantly, and the level of development has entered the level of technology and art. In addition, the renovation and construction of the city's appearance has led to the renewal of the street lamp, and the road condition has been greatly improved. The lamp is more abundant, and the light of the lamp is becoming more and more reasonable. The control of street lighting is controlled by manual operation, time control, light control and centralized remote control. Source: Internet reprinted aims to deliver more information, does not represent the agree with their views and be responsible for its authenticity. If you have any objection please contact 1553190422

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