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High thermal conductivity technology is how to walk at the forefront of the LED lighting market?

During the 20th annual guangzhou international lighting fair held in guangzhou, companies with the latest technology, main LED substrate thermal conductivity and thermal cooling technology of suzhou chi photoelectric technology co., LTD. Since the company founded, for five consecutive years with the company's latest products and technology to participate in the exhibition. What attracts hot chi photoelectric see light the exhibition every year? This time they bring new technology for LED industry? OFweek semiconductor lighting during the network editor with a related question an exclusive interview in suzhou hot chi photoelectric technology co., LTD. General manager Mr Lin Xin. 
As the world's biggest lighting fair, light is the exhibition every year for the development of lighting industry. S said that heat is chi photoelectric materials technology and coating technology of common mode as the core of high-tech companies, since company was established in 2011 to light the exhibition, in order to demonstrate their thermal radiator brand advantage, solve the heat dissipation of heat conduction problem of LED enterprises, and through the exhibition by customers in the effective feedback, coupled with the original technical improvement, can let enterprise in the LED industry has been at the forefront. 
High heat conduction technology in the forefront of LED lighting application direction 
LED is one of the typical materials thermal conductivity, without the use of the radiator, but there are too many other items need to be applied to enhance the heat dissipation material life, such as internal of various electrical and electronic product, if radiator can be more widely application and popularization, the future of electrical products can also be very good improve efficiency, increase the service life, reduce the recycling. Now LED market raw materials mainly used in LED circuit board, LED heat conduction heat dissipation Usually from the chip's heat and light conversion efficiency, circuit boards, radiator out in the end. S said that hot chi photoelectric mainly focus on the circuit board, the LED light source produce better photosynthetic efficiency and longer life. 
LED heat problem with traditional light source, semiconductor light-emitting diodes (leds) will generate heat during work, it depends on the luminous efficiency of the whole. Under the effect of external electrical energy, the radiation of electrons and holes composite electroluminescent, radiate near the p-n junction of light only after the chip (chip) itself and encapsulating semiconductor media medium (air) to reach the outside world. 
S said that the current market high heat conduction technology development to a certain extent, and hot chi is the only one with the technology of domestic enterprises. Hot chi ultra-high thermal conductivity type of aluminium base copper clad diamond is a kind of based on the traditional structure of aluminium base copper clad laminates, with innovative physical vapor deposition technology in vacuum environment form diamond-like materials as the core insulation layer, to abandon the traditional hot pressing technology and polymer resin insulating layer, the thermal conductivity of aluminium base copper clad laminates, one hundred times, improve the capacity close to the thermal conductivity of aluminum material. The technology breakthrough lies in: (1) the selection of insulating layer, with a core of diamond-like replace high polymer resin insulating layer insulation layer, diamond-like materials thermal conductivity of 800 w/mK; (2) the worker art means: substitute magnetron sputtering and ion beam technology for hot pressing technology. Hot chi high Thermal conductivity of diamond-like aluminium base copper clad super heat conduction performance of companies such as osram, philips, sharp good testing and evaluation, has also been the DK Thermal company (leading circuit board processing enterprises) and the United States berger company (leading manufacturer of aluminium base copper clad laminates) attention. 
Learned, high thermal conductivity technology involves the high thermal conductivity aluminum plate, heat conduction ability strong, s to OFweek semiconductor lighting web editor for aluminum plate for an example, he said, ordinary aluminum plate thermal conductivity is 2-3 w, thermal conductivity and high thermal conductivity of 100-200 - w. 

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