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Choose to suit oneself correctly LED lamp

A, switching power supply, of course. Formal manufacturers are using a power source with PFC, a very important reason for the waterproof lamp is often a dozen units in series with the use, in such cases may directly affect the power of interference signal, causing the phenomenon such as lamp occasionally flicking, (to use the environment is also very heavy, of course), such problems can also use the software processing but also can not completely eliminate. And with PFC switch power efficiency is higher than generally without a medallion power, so the price is more expensive, such as a 150 w switching power supply without PFC is in 150 yuan a, then with PFC is about to go to 260 yuan. But some manufacturers in order to pursue profit maximization natural won't care about these. 
Second, is the choice of the LED lamp bead. Because of the domestic led by price factors using relatively less. Generally only big company to use, but as the reason such as the cost of production (mainly the price of the led lamp bead) decline in popularization is not far. The cost of this is the most main influence lamp luminous efficiency and life, etc. The most important link. The selection of a lamp light is good light bead occupies more than 70% at least. I found a lot of domestic customers to buy the lamp other never the most only look at the price. In fact you price the lower the pressure of their losses, the more because of the stability of the lamp bead and unstable lamp bead price differs a few times or even dozens of times. Scope of a lamp to light you played was there, does your zha two desk lamp also than but I dozen range. You can't take the led when laser use is it? 
Three, is the process. Big and has a certain scale factory has its own SMT machine, lamp bead with placement machine, reflow soldering, why say that MAO, not to say that not a small factory or couples factory, small power devices typically have certainly these. A lot of people won't outbound processing, after all, the price there. They are all under the led lamp bead daub on thermal silica gel, so short term use is no problem, but the led calorific value a lot the silicone will you give to dry. Plus contact with aluminum base plate is not belong to that kind of metal welding hot direct export to the medium, but through the heat dissipation silica gel due to thermal conductivity is slow so the manufacturer of led in a matter of six months began to appear, such as brightness attenuation, and normal practices of a lower than the brightness of the light. Led light failure and heat dissipation can't directly, you must be aware of this. And then there is the choice of the lens. Different manufacturer of led lights to use lens, and the light Angle. Sales lamp bead manufacturers are recommended, but not to say that we will be the best recommended, depending on the manufacturer to test repeatedly. What color mixture to try. Why do some manufacturers make the led out very well-balanced, some manufacturers is a look at the outside of the two loops, between light and dark there here for some details not clear, this is their comparisons will be used. Some say easy bring brightness than it went well, do you want more light to you on 1 a current six months after you buy me again. 
Five, the circuit design. Obviously a big and professional manufacturer products apart GongGongZhengZheng, general and a control panel, a drive board and a display board. Points 2 driver is different, of course, will not do the control board and drive board together, after all, is a large current of a small current signal is, separate is the best of the anti-jamming. But most of the small factories have no outside development ability, only take the system board of professional PCB back to install (it) has become an industry chain, not to say that the system board, don't have the technology, they tend to be some big technical backbone of the business. But they are also very competitive, so have no way to consider these factors, in order to reduce costs they face is a little don't understand technology, will only assembly factories, price of such conditions is the absolute principle. Also important constant current to compress costs they left no stone unturned to constant current general power supply voltage of + 24 v that only all the way to 9 drive with six lights? They a cruel to a + 48 v voltage to a constant pressure plan done. But led only current so constant flow scheme of the 54 led constant current drive, there are 2 road GongGongZhengZheng row of a board. Constant pressure three 2576 adj. Seven or eight times the price difference. 
Seven, the choice of the manufacturer. Don't in order to select those no technology manufacturers price, so even if there is a problem because they have no technology can't modify, because they do not know the problem. They just belong to China's largest a member of the assembly inside the industry chain, buy or sell tofu can do stage lights, also call what technology right? . (no discrimination, just make a metaphor). 

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