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Guangzhou Guangzhou: the focus of landscape lighting Festival extended to 11

From March 16th to April 15th, the "Guangzhou urban and rural lighting management approach" in the Legislative Affairs Office of Guangzhou on the website for comments. According to the draft, the urban road lighting facilities failure, 24 hours to receive repair, the general failure to deal with the end of the day. The approach also provides for the establishment of urban landscape lighting and landscape lighting must be open time.

Provides that the urban landscape lighting facilities should be opened in accordance with the following provisions: weekdays open time: April 1st to September 30th opening time for the daily 19: 30 to 22: 30;

From 1 to March 31st of the following year, the opening time is from day to day: 00 to 22: 30. In addition, the key areas of urban landscape lighting in the traditional festivals and major activities during the opening time in accordance with the provisions of the first and

Extended to 23 to 00; in the power supply period, according to the decision of the Municipal People's government and the city's peak electricity implementation plan, can shorten the opening time etc..

Costs, the cost of urban landscape lighting construction costs borne by the establishment. The urban landscape lighting facilities shall be set up by the municipal lighting construction administrative organ or the administrative department in charge of the district or county level, and the construction expenses shall be borne by the municipal, district and county levels.

Public opinion should be submitted to the Municipal People's Government Legislative Affairs Office on March 16, 2012 15 to reflect or submit to the Legislative Affairs Office of the people's Government of Guangzhou.

1 log in Guangzhou Municipal People's Government Legislative Affairs Office website (, through the website of the legislative advice column submitted;

2 mail to the Legislative Affairs Office of the Guangzhou Municipal People's government, building 1, Guangzhou Road, No. 4 (zip code: 510032);

3 fax number: 83123286;

4 e-mail:


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