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110 companies to participate in semiconductor lighting products to promote financial subsidies to tender projects

March 20, 2012, by the Ministry of finance, the national development and Reform Commission, Ministry of science and technology organization of the semiconductor lighting products in fiscal subsidies to promote the project in Beijing Schloss Schoenbrunn Hotel Beijing Hall of the domestic public bidding

Standard, the national development and Reform Commission resource conservation and environmental protection department representatives to attend the bidding activities, the tendering department Director Financial Supervision Bureau Zhang Zhixue by the supervision department of the NDRC, the Ministry of supervision in the supervision bureau director Xue Shiqing, China

Electronic import and Export Corporation discipline inspection and supervision department on behalf of the site supervision, nearly 300 representatives from all over the country to participate in the bidding activities of the 110 companies.

The financial subsidies to promote the project is the first time the Ministry of Finance for the promotion of LED products subsidies. According to the announcement, the company involved in the bidding must have an independent legal personality, registered capital of not less than 5000

Million yuan. The tender includes indoor lighting products -LED lamp, reflective self ballasted LED lights, and outdoor lighting products, -LED lights, LED tunnel lights 4 categories of products. The indoor products must be in conformity with the state

Semiconductor lighting products technical requirements of development and Reform Commission issued "(2010 Edition)", and through the national mandatory product certification (LED lamp) or the national voluntary product certification (reflection type LED self ballasted lamps) and China

Energy saving product certification. Outdoor products must comply with the national development and Reform Commission issued the "semiconductor lighting product technical requirements (2010 Edition)" requirements, and through the national voluntary product certification and national energy saving product certification. Tender

Once the announcement has been widespread concern, companies have to take full advantage of this open tender.

Nearly two months from the announcement of the past month, on March 20th, at about 8 in the morning, to participate in the bidding companies have to carry this product in line with the tender qualification samples and tenders in the hall lined up a long queue, after nearly

Hours after the submission of information procedures, 10 o'clock, the meeting in accordance with the order submitted to the official start of the bidding order. According to the data of the enterprise, the bidding process is carried out one by one, and the name of the bidder, the specifications, the power and the price of the bid are presented

And whether or not to submit the deposit and other content of the site notice.

After nearly three hours of public singing standard, the reporter found that the company involved in the bidding not only PHILPS, OSRAM, Panasonic, Toshiba, Delta and other international well-known enterprises, there are Shanghai Kai, think twice,

Zhejiang Shenghui, Tianjin, Dalian Road, Ningbo Haiyu Liaoyuan, Xiamen, Shanxi, Myles, Lin Guangyu Huizhou Hui Yuan, Sichuan Jiuzhou photoelectric professional LED enterprise; there are also from the traditional lighting transformation of LED Enterprises

Industry, such as Huizhou, Shanghai, Yankon NVC, Ya Ming Wright, Xiamen Topstar etc.. In addition, there are some people who are not familiar with the LED industry, such as Hubei, Shanghai, East China Science and technology, Shenzhen

Rong science and technology, Wuxi beneficial Tatsu, Dalian Alice and other enterprises.

From the price of the products involved in bidding, the same type of products with the specifications of the price difference is very large, LED street lamp and LED tunnel lamp price difference is particularly evident. If the specification is 9000lm

LED street lamp products priced at up to 9200 yuan, but only a low price of $920; Specification for the 14000lm LED street lamp products reached a high price of $11000, while the low price of only $1062

Yuan. Tunnel lamp is also the case, the specification for the 5400LM LED tunnel lamp products up to 3000 yuan high price, low price of only $696. Specifications for the 9000lm LED tunnel lamp products at high prices

Bit up to 4000 yuan, low price of only $869. Downlight and reflective type indoor lighting self ballasted lamp manufacturers offer different LED, there are dozens of Yuan gap, such as specifications for 4 inch downlight low price only

48 yuan, while the high price is up to about $120.

In addition, the participation of the tender price of foreign products is generally high, such as Panasonic specifications for 9000lm LED street lamp products require 6900 yuan, OSRAM's 6W PAR

20 product price is $147, while the traditional lighting transformation LED bidding price is quite competitive. If the sun, Ya Ming and other enterprises of the type of tender products, specifications and prices announced, the scene of a

Xu Xi, everyone wondering: how the hell did they do? And some companies also hold try mentality, such as Hubei Ya Chi special tender products are almost out of the price, a street reached more than 10 thousand yuan.

Sing along with standard is completed, to participate in the bidding enterprises has been basically known heart Tender product enterprise in bidding for the product in the position, they have more confidence, and some are very clearly need to wait for the next opportunity.

But there are many questions, such as the proportion of the successful bidder, the specific evaluation finalists, and the tender project involves the final size of the problem still exists in the hearts of enterprises involved in bidding. The final results of the tender has not been announced, the reporter will continue to follow up reports.

Source: China Semiconductor Lighting Network


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